Explore the daily practice of intentional living with erin nicole yoga.

Embrace and experience a deeper connection to mind, body and soul.



"My purpose is to lead a life by example, to serve, guide and inspire others to be their most authentic self and live a healthy and purposeful life." 


Erin is a passionate entrepreneur & undeniable free spirit. Guided by intuition and relentless ambition, she set out to fulfill her dharma, or life purpose, as a holistic lifestyle consultant and Yoga teacher. Erin cultivates meaningful relationships, creates memorable experiences and encourages sustainable lifestyle changes for her clients.

Erin, helps others find balance with an intentional & natural approach to holistic living that nourishes the body, mind & soul.  Erin encourages you to explore a deeper connection to self through yoga, conscious living and primarily plant-based nutrition. 




Corporate & Private yoga instruction

Learn to shape your internal landscapes and listen to your intuition, one breath at a time.  

Yoga is the process of learning who we are, our relationship with ourselves, and how we fundamentally interact and impact the universe. Yoga is not a process of being healed, but learning how to intrinsically heal. Through intuitive movement, intentional stillness, energetic touch and active manifestation, Erin seeks to explore your vulnerabilities and your potential – the beauty and the power in both.



NOw Hiring

Yoga instructors

Erin Nicole Yoga believes Yoga should be accessible, balanced in movement and meditation, rooted in intention and led by educated and inspired individuals.

Come share your authentic voice and creativity with our community of corporate and private clients. Become part of a start-up movement that is changing the modern yoga landscape in Orange County, CA.

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Client testimonials


"I've taken a handful of classes with Erin as my Yoga instructor, and all of my experiences have been so amazing! She has a very soft soothing voice that keeps you calm and at peace while practicing yoga. I love that she reminds everyone to leave their worries and stresses at the door, and encourages you to use that hour to really connect. I always leave Erin's class happy and refreshed while still feeling like I got a good workout in!"

– Alexandra A. // CorePower Yoga

"I love having the opportunity to practice yoga during the week at work! Erin's guidance and cues are great, I love her style and creativity with the poses and flows she incorporates. I just wish there were more classes per week!"

– Student // Boot Barn Corporate Office

"Erin has been our corporate yoga instructor for close to a year.With Erin’s hand’s on approach, she takes the time to understand our corporate culture and caters each session to the level of the participants.

Our employees look forward to taking the yoga classes each week with Erin, as a way to escape the stress of work and take time to focus on themselves and their personal health.  With Erin’s calm and welcoming environment we’ve had employees regularly participate in the yoga classes who initially had no interest in yoga or thought it was not for them.

We are so grateful for Erin and consider her part of our Boot Barn Family!"

– Human Resources Director // Boot Barn Corporate Office

"Erin is an amazing instructor her teaching skills are absolutely strong. She was accommodating from the start and she adapted very well with everyone's level of experience. Erin has a great balance of calmness and stillness in her class and makes you feel relaxed with her soft voice. What I enjoy a lot is she positions you into the correct form making you feel confident and strong throughout each pose and exercise. I appreciated how she doesn't move too fast or too slow throughout class. It was the most perfect pace, leaving me feeling relaxed and renewed. I love her!"

– Maryann A. // CorePower Yoga 


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