for the mind, body & soul. 

yoga instruction

PRICE// $80 - $100 hourly/per private session



  • (1) 60-Minute Yoga Session

Experience a private or small group session, that breaks down the benefits of Yoga, breath work and physical postures, to equip you with all the tools needed to start a regular Yoga practice. In this 1-hour session you will reconnect with your body, mind & soul as you flow through a series of Yoga postures set to music. You will experience the physical & mental health benefits of this ancient practice as you learn to spiritually connect with your intentions on the mat and ultimately learn to live with peace & purpose. 

Erin offers private & group Yoga instruction, for individuals and corporations. Erin is an RYT 200 Yoga Teacher, with advanced training and restorative yoga certifications. Erin is CPR/AED certified and insured.


Holistic Nutrition CONSULTATION

PRICE// $200



Holistic nutrition is an all-natural wellness solution that garners the benefits of whole plant-based foods to increase energy and vitality, as well as prevent and even reverse disease.  A holistic diet encourages the consumption of plant-based foods that provide a comprehensive array of essential nutrients in their most natural, chemical-free state.  Holistic nutrition is all about fresh ingredients, minimal processing and of course, great taste derived straight from the earth!



Overall wellness is largely impacted by the food we consume, as well as our lifestyle choices. When we live and act with intention we learn how to become our healthiest self. The premise is to enjoy antioxidant rich, anti-inflammatory whole foods in their most raw and organic state. Erin shares deliciously modern plant-based recipes created to nourish the body on the cellular level. Erin helps clients manifest renewed energy and well-being through client education, mindful awareness and accountability. 



When we nourish our bodies, we feel satiated mentally, physically, and energetically. Erin takes a unique approach to nutritional healing with a focus on feeding the soul to create harmony in the physical and energetic body. Erin's recipes integrate foods to specifically help balance and re-energize our chakras. Ultimately, when we experience balance we feel an abundance of positivity and ultimately, learn to live with vigor and purpose.


  • (1) 60-Minute Assessment
  • Summarized Nutritional Recommendations*
  • Energy Balancing Nutritional Recommendations*
  • Take-Away Messages for Further Exploration & Application

In this 1-hour session you will discuss your main health concerns and goals with Erin and come up with an action plan to get you started on your road to better health including food recommendations and lifestyle changes.

*Meal plans are not included. Erin is a certified nutritionist equipped to guide you on a path, however is not a registered dietician. Please consult your physician before making any dietary or lifestyle changes.

Who referred you to Erin? Click "Become a Client" then share the name of your referral in the contact form and you will receive 20% off your initial consultation. Plus, your friend will receive 15% off one follow-up session.



PRICE// $55 hourly/per session



  • (1) 60-Minute Follow Up Session

Follow-up sessions are meant to keep you on track and moving towards your goal! In these sessions you will track your progress, make necessary changes to your wellness plan, and discuss a thoughtful approach to challenges you may face. These sessions are booked on an as-needed basis. It's recommended to attend at least 2 follow up sessions after you get started with your plan. Follow up sessions may include grocery shopping accompaniment, or a meal planning workshop.


Group Educational ServiceS

PRICES available upon request


Invite Erin to speak at your next corporate conference or health and wellness event. Erin helps others find balance through a holistic & natural approach that nourishes the body, mind & soul. Erin provides an overview of holistic nutrition and lifestyle, and introduces samples of healthy foods and products, as well as cooking and meal preparation tips.

Would you like to incorporate dedicated time for movement at your next event? Group Yoga sessions are also available.