Holistic nutrition is an all-natural wellness solution that garners the benefits of whole plant-based foods to increase energy and vitality, as well as prevent and even reverse disease.  A holistic diet encourages the consumption of plant-based nutrient dense foods that provide a comprehensive array of vital nutrients in their most natural, chemical free state.  Holistic nutrition is all about fresh ingredients, minimal processing and of course great taste derived straight from the earth.



Overall wellness is largely impacted by the food we consume as well as our lifestyle choices. When we live and act with intention we learn how to become our healthiest self. The premise is to enjoy antioxidant rich, anti-inflammatory whole foods in their most raw and organic state. Erin shares deliciously modern plant-based recipes created to nourish the body on a cellular level. Erin continually works to make it easier for clients to manifest renewed energy and well-being – through client education, mindful awareness and accountability. 


THE benefits

When we nourish our bodies, we feel satiated mentally, physically and energetically. Erin takes a unique approach to nutritional healing with a focus on feeding the soul to create harmony in the physical and energetic body. Erin's recipes integrate foods to specifically help balance and reenergize our chakras. Ultimately, when we experience balance we feel an abundance of positivity and ultimately learn to live passionately and purposefully.



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