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Yoga is not confined to the body or physical movements. Yoga is a practice that integrates and stimulates the mind, body and soul. Further, Yoga is not confined to a studio. Yoga can be practiced whenever and wherever you are, even at the office.


Corporate Yoga and wellness programs help support healthy behavior, improve quality of life and increase productivity. More than 200 scientific studies indicate the positive return-on-investment for workplace wellness programs. Recent statistics reveal the corporate segment is one of the fastest growing clientele for Yoga and stress management institutes. Now more than ever, companies realize their employees need a structured solution to manage stress. Large corporations and employee-friendly companies already set the ball in motion to provide an emphasis on health in the workplace. Even more so, employees favor companies that offer wellness programs and options to enhance work-life balance and adopt a healthier lifestyle. 

Benefits of workplace yoga + wellness programs for employees include:

•    Weight reduction
•    Improved physical fitness
•    Increased stamina
•    Lower levels of stress
•    Increased well-being, self-image and self-esteem

Benefits of yoga + wellness programs for employers’ include:

•    Enhanced recruitment and retention of healthy employees
•    Reduced healthcare costs
•    Decreased rates of illness and injuries
•    Reduced employee absenteeism
•    Improved employee relations and moral
•    Increased productivity

Additional benefits to worksites with physical activity programs include:

•    Reduced healthcare costs by 55 percent*
•    Reduced short-term sick leave by 32 percent*
•    Increased productivity by 52 percent*

* U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Report.






•   Identify the style of yoga that suits your employees – try an energized Vinyasa or a calm restorative Yoga session
•   Explore schedule flexibility – select the time and frequency that best suits your company schedule
•   Experience various teaching styles and expertise – choose from a selection of Yoga instructors available to you
•   Enjoy affordable services – garner health insurance benefits from your investment in employee health and wellness programs
•   Outfit your Yoga space with props and mats – ask about deeply discounted Manduka Yoga products



Restorative yoga

Restorative Yoga is an act of intentional stillness and subtle openings. A restorative practice invites you to let go of stiffness, anxiety, tension, busyness and insomnia.  When you integrate the practice into your daily life, it teaches you patience, observance and the profound effects of response versus reaction. Restorative Yoga aims to nurture the parasympathetic nervous system by allowing space for relaxation and rest.    

Props + Supports:

You will use supports such as bolsters, blankets, blocks and straps to encourage a natural unfolding that allows you to hold physical space comfortably and without resistance – Space held for you to integrate and process your experiences.  Space to greet yourself fully.  

Yoga Audience:

A restorative Yoga practice suits everyone, (especially those who don't realize it). The grounding art of the practice offers gentle yet tangible sensations that comfort what is tender and releases what is blocked within. 


Explore a truly special cultivation of the spaciousness of deliberate rest.  

vinyasa yoga

Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic flowing practice that cultivates breath and movement in a unique and special way to inspire authentic expression and organic release. Vinyasa invites you to discover self through a thoughtfully sequenced flow of postures that carry you from breath-to-breath and movement-to-movement. While in the breeze of your own energy, a lightness overcomes the mind and a level of strength empowers you to find your edge.

Props + Supports:

You will use supports such as blocks and straps to gracefully support transitions into the greater depths of each posture, so you may expand beyond what limits your capacity for growth. Additionally, props promote a natural unfolding that allows you to hold physical space comfortably and without resistance.

Yoga Audience:

A vinyasa Yoga practice suits everyone and offers an opportunity to find intuitive movement and self expression in a safe space for exploration. Modifications can also be adapted for injury and pregnancy.


Experience a wavelike endless tide that continuously energizes the body, mind and soul.



Erin is an ERYT 200 HR Yoga Teacher, with advanced Vinyasa training and restorative yoga certifications obtained through CorePower Yoga. Erin is also a YACEP, Yoga Alliance Continued Education Provider. Erin is CPR/AED certified and insured.

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